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Note: Numbers may be repeated in colour regions as long as they do not break any of the traditional sudoku rules.

Killer Samurai 24
killer samurai 24

Killer Samurai 24 - Download
Killer Samurai 24 Solution - Download

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1) this page is very cool, killer samurais are the best
Comment by: christian. Made on the 13th Jul 2006.

2) Have done all these puzzles :) they are great - and very challenging.
there is a prob on this one however.
the bottom right 9*9 has at least 2 solutions.
the top right 3*3 of this particular 9*9 can read as either 483-216-957 OR 483-216-597 and due to this it causes uncertainty in other parts of this 9*9

solution indicates it is the first of the 2 options i have listed - however it is not determinable by logic alone

Keep up the good work tho :)


Comment by: steve. Made on the 15th Jul 2006.

3) Top LH box.....the 25.....not possible with three different numbers!
Comment by: Lilymarlene. Made on the 16th Jul 2006.

4) this stuff rules
Comment by: catherine. Made on the 16th Jul 2006.

5) Love these puzzles,

But agree - this one has multiple solutions. The bottom right grid in particular. Right hand column - each 3x3 square has at least a pair that could be either or, in total I make it 15 squares in that 9x9 that have more than one possible solution.

It would be nice if these grids conformed to the normal "no number repeated in a colour box" rule, but they're still fun without.
Comment by: bluejamie. Made on the 20th Oct 2006.

6) this is d first killer suduko i've solved.......infact i never knew tat dis type of suduko also exists.....its d most challenging type of all sudukus
Comment by: fdtg. Made on the 03rd Feb 2007.

7) Son maravillosos, a ver salen mas.
Comment by: andoni. Made on the 15th Feb 2008.

8) just thought I'd let you know, on a killer sudoku, it is illegal to have a series of three squares that add to 25, since every cell in a series must be different even if they are not in the same row, column, or block. 25 means there is a duplicate number. This is in regards to the top left fifth of the puzzle in the top left of that there is a 25.
Comment by: Dan. Made on the 25th Mar 2008.

9) also in regards to comment number 2 above, Steve, did you try applying the bivalue universal grave logic algorithm, or the unique rectangles algorithm, im sure this works out to just one answer if you do so, but i will try it, thanks for the tip. :)
Comment by: Dan. Made on the 25th Mar 2008.

10) I love your site-but in ks 24 upper rh box 4 cells can't consist of 4 numbers totalling 8
Comment by: Bill Bear. Made on the 28th Mar 2008.

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